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 I have started up a group of FSC members with a mutual interest in veg growing, with a meeting every one or two months.

For pig keepers to share experiences on keeping, breeding, selling, showing.  I can try and answer queries from my limited experience, or find someone who can.

We are looking for a few musicians to play together for enjoyment and possibly play at our club functions.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad you think you are.  You may be a little rusty but that doesn’t matter. You need to be able to play a musical instrument so that others can sing along with you. If you can sing that would be an asset.
 Contact me at my email address or call me at home on 01406 330845 to discuss it further.

 Join me in learning about cheesemaking.  I am happy to research and share a recipe each month, we could meet up for tastings.

It's a great way to use up gluts from around the smallholding and relax after a hard day's work! So if you're interested in brewing but don't know where to start, or have already been bitten by the brewing bug and just want to share information about it, email me for an invite.
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